Blue Line...

… the streak on the train as it roars past your window. Spitting electricity while leaving a wake of ozone in its path. You can’t help but feel the charge as the band whips itself into a frenzy of flying fingers from the guitarists and bassist, the drummers flailing arms pounding the rhythm and the soulful moan of the singer. Blue Line is an original band that will throw a good cover tune in as well!

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I happened to catch Blue Line's inaugural show last Friday at the Penny Road Pub (on Penny Road) in Barrington. Gotta say -- for a blues/rock band playing all original material, this was no first show. These guys are all rock 'n' roll lifers.

Dan Bradley (Aug 15, 2012) November 10, 2014

What Others Are Saying

Loving that stuff! Listen to it just about every day!

James Pendall II

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2014 brings a new awakening

It’s a new era for Blue Line with several new songs and a handful of gigs under our belts with our new master of the skins, Jay Rocha!! Jay’s influence on our performance has been tremendous and we have grown as a band. At our performance on March 22, 2014 as a part of Bobapalooza

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Bobapalooza – 2014 – PRP

Another GREAT show at Penny Road Pub! Had a blast being part of “Bobapalooza”! Thanx to Bob Cozza for having us out!

J D Muggs

Our first show after a short hiatus. We’re working on new material and booking shows for the spring and summer! “February 8, 2014” From Blue Line at JD Muggs, posted by Blue Line on 2/09/2014 (121 items) Jd Muggs. A great place with good food, staff and they bring in a damn good sound gu…

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We made it to round 2!

Thanks to everyone who came out to Sullivan’s in Midlothian last night!!! We made it through to the next level! Now the heat is on and we’ll need everyone to support us when we play the next round at Q Bar in September! For more information click the link below. To pre-order tickets click

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